Thursday, May 14, 2009

Think About It Thursday

During the day I listen to talk radio. It is primarily conservative in theme. Sometimes, however, I get weary from listening and turn it off. My mind gets full to the brim with news of the United States’ current state of affairs. It seems there is never positive and upbeat news to report. More often than not, I will find myself feeling heavy and low based on what I’m hearing.

But then I read something like I read today in Psalm 104. It’s a long chapter, so I won’t copy here. The psalmist is writing of the majesty of God and describes in detail many things He did to form the heavens and the earth. He spoke these things into being. That’s all. God didn’t break a sweat or get dirt underneath his fingernails. He simply said, “Let it be,” and it was.

This brings my awareness back to God and His magnitude. All the things I hear discussed in the news are man’s doings. No man, not even the U.S. President with a majority congress, can speak things into existence. If God doesn’t want it to happen, it won’t. He can take man’s stupidity and turn it around for His glory. We can’t always see the sense in things, but God knows the “rest of the story.”

So if I choose to listen to or read the news, I intend to use it as a prayer request. If my God can create the world in a manner of days by simply speaking it into existence, then He certainly can handle the misguided attempts of men with their own agendas. And I will remind myself I have nothing to fear.

Daily Bible Reading Plan

I Samuel 21-23; Psalm 104; Mark 12:28-34; II Corinthians 9

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