Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's Up? Wednesday - Great Deal

Happy Wednesday to each of you. Nothing much to report here today, but I do want to share my Target shopping experience from yesterday with you.

I talked here about using coupons. There are so many folks in blogland who talk about their amazing coupon shopping experiences, but I never seemed to be able to accomplish the same as they. Until yesterday. Armed with coupons and a list, I stormed into Target yesterday with a mission. I left with this:

Here is what I paid:

  • Three boxes of Ritz crackers - $2.99 each – I used two $1 off coupons on each (Target lets you “stack” coupons as long as they are not identical coupons. One was a manufacturer’s coupon, and the other was an actual Target coupon.) Final cost - $0.99 each.

  • Four boxes of Nabisco 100 calorie packs - $2.04 each (sale price) – I used two $1 off coupons on each. Final cost - $0.04 each.

  • Two bottles of Kraft Barbecue Sauce - $0.99 each (sale price) – I used one $1 off coupon on each. Final cost – Free, plus $0.01 overage (couponers call these “moneymakers”)

  • One can of Skintimates Shaving Gel - $2.24 – I used one $1 off coupon and one $0.75 off coupon. Final cost - $0.54.

  • Two Bliss candy bars - $0.99 each – I used one $1 off coupon on each. Final cost – Free, no overage on these

  • One Dove Go Fresh trial size deodorant – $0.97 - I used one $1 off coupon that didn’t exclude trial size. Final cost – Free., plus $0.03 overage

  • One Axe trial size shower gel – I used one $1.25 coupon that didn’t exclude trial size. Final cost – Free, plus $0.28 overage

My final cost for all this was $6.30! According to the receipt, I saved $22.84, so using coupons, I saved 78%! That’s pretty amazing. (Even more unbelievable is that little dab of stuff would have cost nearly $30 without the coupons.)

What’s odd is even though I experienced amazing savings, I felt funny in the check-out lane while the clerk was scanning all those coupons. And I felt funny about the way I went about getting the deals (“stacking” the coupons). It’s legal and goes with store policy. But I felt sneaky afterward. I don’t know whether anyone else feels this way.

When I went to Meijer, I used coupons in my normal way (one per item), and I saved $15.00 off of an $83.00 total, which is an 18% savings. I felt fine with that one.

I think I’ll just stick to that method from now on. How about you? If it goes with store policy, are you all right with stacking coupons to get a great deal?

Daily Bible Reading Plan

II Samuel 3-4; Psalm 108; Mark 14:1-11; II Corinthians 12:11-21

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