Thursday, January 7, 2010

Changes, Changes

I told you earlier in the week how we are trying to go a week without meat. Trying to eat healthier is the reason, but it’s not the catalyst.

In November I had a physical, the first one I’ve had in years. Needless to say I was terrified at what I would learn. The doctor I chose was recommended by a friend. She must be good – it took six months to get a “new patient” appointment.

Everything went surprisingly well. Two negatives were my blood pressure was “high-normal,” and my total cholesterol was five points above normal. Just five points? I was elated!

Doctor asked me to lose eight pounds by the next time I see her at the beginning of March. She said that should help take care of the blood pressure issue.

But the cholesterol issue is a different story. Exercise alone or even combined with smaller portions is not enough to change that. I must change “what” I eat. More whole grains. More fruits and leafy green vegetables. That’s okay. I love those things.

So I decided maybe I could cook with whole wheat flour. Mixed half and half with white flour, it’s not that different. But used alone, let me tell you, it’s an acquired taste.

School was canceled this morning due to snow. I thought I would be a “good” mom and make something nice and warm for breakfast. Waffles sounded tasty.

Remembering a recipe I recently saw for whole wheat waffles, I decided to give it a try. Crystal at Money Saving Mom uses whole wheat flour in many of her recipes (and she even grinds her own wheat). I used her recipe, which you can find here.

The waffles were amazingly light. Olivia liked them and said she would eat them if I froze some to have on hand for a quick breakfast. All in all, they were good. Not like regular waffles, but good. I was pleasantly surprised.

Maybe it was the butter and syrup.

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