Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm A Princess!

While organizing and sorting some wrapping supplies yesterday, I came across this little bag:

Someone gave Olivia a gift in this bag several years ago, and it’s still in my stash. Maybe that’s because every time I see it, I am reminded of something special.

I am a child of The King.

As a little girl (even as a grown woman) I loved tales of princesses. They were always beautiful outside and in. They were loved by the majority of people. Some, like Snow White, were princesses from a young age and met obstacles on the course to their true love. Others, like Cinderella, encountered trouble before meeting their true love and becoming a princess.

But me? I am a princess because I said “Yes” to the King. He pursued me. He laid down His life for me. He offered His hand, and I took it.

Now my responsibility is to serve and honor Him.

How can I do that? Did you happen to read my entry from yesterday? It goes along quite well with this thought. I must practice three things: justice, mercy and humility. All three are admirable traits in royalty. Isn’t it what you envision when you think of a king, queen, prince or princess?

So for now, I think I’ll just leave the little bag with all the others. It’s nice to be reminded of something special about myself once in a while. It causes me hold my head a little higher, square my shoulders and puts a little spring in my step.

And you? If you’ve taken His hand, you can hold your head high, too. You’re a princess just like me.

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